Community Manager

The Ofok Human Network (OHNet) is a network which is designed to connect networks that uses Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to connect individuals and organizations, all with a vision to promote and empower communities through Human Development.

Serve as project manager of OHNet’s social media, grassroots outreach, and partnership building efforts. Work with the Online Communications team to develop, promote, and disseminate information and resources through these three channels. Build and maintain relationships with external parties, working with OHNet Teams to find ways to support and engage these constituents and partners.


The Communities Manager will be responsible for three key program areas.

1. Manage and Execute OHNet’s Social Media Strategy.
Work with the Online Strategy & Engagement team and a social media firm to strategize on how to best use Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to better engage our audiences and further our grassroots work Develop Facebook and Twitter conversation strategy and calendar Track and measure effectiveness of online communications on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) Work with the Web Production Manager to identify new content materials to promote through social media outlets Utilize social media outlets as conversation tools, engaging constituents and encourage interaction between OHNet and among constituents Connect with social media thought leaders to continue to develop and improve OHNet strategy.
2. Manage OHNet’s Outreach to Grassroots Groups.
Work with a firm to build a strategy for outreach to grassroots-developed groups Connect with groups around the country in year one Work with group leaders to identify needs and their specific groups Work with the OfokNGO Resources & Essential Information Team to develop materials to support group efforts Maintain relationships with groups and track effectiveness of OHNet resources and support Keep meet-up group leaders connected to OHNet, providing them with updated materials for future meet-up group gatherings.
3. Build, Strengthen, and Maintain OHNet Partnerships.
Build external partnerships with national organizations to market OHNet content, disseminate information, cross promote and develop new content Form five or more strategic alliances with key partners (A partners) in year one Work with an intern to build and maintain thirty or more partners who can support content distribution (B partners) in year one.
Bachelors degree and relevant experience in communications, specific to social media. MINIMUM three years experience in marketing, communications, and partnership development. Exceptional project management skills Ability to effectively work with a team of staff and consultants Established relationships with experts in social media, grassroots organizing, and partnership building. Proven communications, organizational and problem solving skills Ability to work collaboratively in developing responsive and creative solutions to a wide range of challenges and opportunities Ability to meet deadlines and work collaboratively with colleagues and representatives from outside organizations.

To be considered for this position, please provide a short cover letter, resume, salary history and salary expectations to the above email address with the subject line "Community Manager" Send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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